Terms Conditions

Terms Conditions

The following general terms and conditions are valid for the use of rental bicycles services offered by Hubballi Dharwad smart city with brand name savari.bike. Content includes our terms and conditions determine the rights and obligations for the use

1. Terms and Conditions

1. Hubballi Dharwad Smart city limited offers service of renting bicycles here after referred as (HDPBS) at pre-defined stations to registered customers (“customer”) as far as the products and services are available.

2. Bicycle rental and return is possible by smart card at a rental terminal (where available).

3. Taxes will be applicable on the services offered by savari.bike. Taxes will be applicable as per the prevailing rates notified by the government.

4. Upon registration / renting a bicycle, the rider accepts all terms and conditions of HDPBS.

5. HDPBS has the right to add, remove and/or modify any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement time to time without taking any prior consent of its users. Such modified terms and conditions will be updated in the savari.bike website and mobile app time to time.

6. We may use your information for promotion and marketing activities.

2. Registration and Confirmation

1. Application for registration (“application”) is possible only at the designated centre by authorised operator of HDPBS in person or at a partner’s location.

2. Following the provision of all relevant personal data (Aadhar card is mandatory) the savari.bike has the right to accept or refuse the application. As part of the application process, the savari.bike is authorized to check the creditworthiness of the applicant.

3. Approval of the application shall result in the issuing of an smart card and notification occurs via email whats app and SMS.

4. Following successful registration and getting smart card, the customer may rent savari bicycles. All docking station locations and live statistics of bicycle available in the mobile application.

5. The customer is obliged to inform HDPBS immediately of any changes to their personal information which occur during the business relationship. This applies especially, but is not limited, to information regarding payment information.

6. Savari.bike may send additional information other than that which is necessary for the rental itself. This may include, but is not limited to, info from sponsors and partners. This may occur via smartphone app, email, WhatsApp or SMS.

3. Terms and Conditions of Use

1. The rental bikes may not be used:

  • a. To carry other persons including children
  • b. For journeys outside of Hubballi city limits without written consent from HDPBS
  • c. To transport inflammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous materials
  • d. To participate in bicycle races or bicycle test events without the prior, written consent of HDPBS
  • e. For subletting to third parties, this facility can be availed by the registered user only.
  • f. If bicycle subletted to third parties, and met with an accident then insurance will not be covered for the rider.
  • g. In cases of strong wind or stormy weather
  • h. By individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • i. For Reckless/irresponsible/uncontrolled/ inattentive/careless/rash/negligent/immature ride
  • j. Giving the bicycle to any unauthorized person including children.

2. The customer is obliged to obey all road and traffic laws of the land and regulations.

3. Cycling ‘hands free’ is not allowed.

4. It is forbidden to use the bicycle basket improperly or overload it (maximum allowable load: 10 kg). The customer is obliged to ensure that all transported goods and items are properly fastened and secured at all times.

5. The maximum allowed total weight including passenger and additional load for each individual rental bike is 120 kg.

6. Modifications or alterations to the rental bike are not allowed.

7. Should unauthorized or improper use of the bicycles be determined, HDPBS is authorized to terminate membership agreement and block the customer from further rentals and usage.

8. Customers are allowed to only two bicycle max per card at any given time and mobile app works only with registered phone in case of loss of phone or change phone customer have to re-register with new phone.

4. Rental Limitations

1. each customer may rent maximum of one bicycle on one smart card at any one given time.

2. Individual arrangements subject to the availability of rental bicycle are possible upon approval by HDPBS.

5. Duration of Rental

1. The chargeable rental period of a bike begins with undocking of bicycle to the customer.

2. The rental period ends upon docking of the bicycle in any of the HDPBS docking station in the city. The official end of the rental period shall be marked with the display of information on the docking point.

3. Call centre must be informed of any problems immediately. Untimely notification of such shall mean that any associated claims are invalid.

6. Condition of Rental Bikes

1. The customer is to make themselves familiar with the condition as well as appropriate use of the rental bike before use.

2. The customer is obliged to check that the bike is in a roadworthy and safe condition before rental (in particular safety-relevant screw and component fixation, frame condition, handlebars and seat as well as air pressure in the tires and the proper functioning of lighting and brake systems).

3. The customer should determine technical defects or deficiencies such as but not limited tire damage, rim defects or gear shift failures to at the beginning of, or at any point during, the rental period, he/she is to notify HDPBS customer service immediately.

7. Parking of the Rental Bikes

1. Parking is also part of the rental period. The bicycle must be parked in plain sight. The customer is obliged to follow road traffic regulations when parking. Furthermore, he/she must ensure that the bicycle does not hinder road safety, that other vehicles and/or traffic is not obstructed and that no damage is done to third parties or their property. The kickstand is to be used every time that the bicycle is parked.

2. In particular, it is not allowed to park rental bikes:

  • a. at traffic lights
  • b. at parking ticket machines or parking meters
  • c. at traffic signs
  • d. on walkways which are thereby reduced to a width of less than 1.5 meters
  • e. in front of, in or near emergency exits and fire department service zones
  • f. where the bicycle covers local advertisements.

3. The rental bicycle must be locked when not in use, even if the customer leaves the bicycle unattended for only a short time.

4. Failure to comply will result in the charging of service fees in accordance with the current price list available online at https://www.savari.bike/. Additionally, the renting customer shall be responsible for payment of any official fines incurred as a result of non-compliance with these regulations.

5. It is not allowed to leave/park the bicycle in buildings, backyards or within other vehicles at any time.

8. Returning of Rental bicycle

1. The returning of rental bicycle outside of stations is not permitted.

2. The bicycle must be returned so that it is clearly visible at one of the locations published online (or in the app).

3. Should the customer not return the bike as described in Serial 2 and 3, provide false information or forget to return the bicycle entirely, a service fee will be charged by HDPBS to the customer in accordance with the current price list as published at www.savari.bike.

9. HDPBS Liabilities and Customer Liabilities

1. Use of services provided by HDPBS rental bicycle occurs at the customer’s own risk. The customer takes full responsibility for damages caused by him/her. The customer is solely responsible for any liability claims resulting from actions or events occurring during the rental period or as a result thereof. Claims made by HDPBS’s liability insurer against a customer remain unaffected.

2. The customer remains liable for damages which occur following the rental period until HDPBS has successfully checked the returned rental bicycle (max. 48 hours) or the bike has subsequently been rented by another customer. In cases of damage being determined, the customer will be informed by HDPBS immediately – HDPBS is obligated to inform the customer. The customer shall not be made liable for damages which HDPBS does not inform the customer of within 48 hours following the rental period. The customer is liable for damages resulting from theft of or damage to the bicycle for the 48 hour period following the rental during which the bike is to be checked by a HDPBS or its appointed agency employee. This liability shall amount to the specific material and labour costs up to but not exceeding an amount of Rs. 25,000/-. This maximum amount does not apply in cases in which the customer has caused the damage intentionally or has acted with gross negligence. In such cases, the amount of liability claims applicable shall be determined by the actual amount and real value of damage incurred.

3. The customer shall be made liable for all costs and damages incurred by HDPBS due to non-compliance with agreement obligations including those defined in previous paragraphs concerning notification obligations.

4. HDPBS is not liable for damages to items transported with the bicycle. Any further liability on the part of HDPBS is excluded.

5. HDPBS shall not be liable in cases of improper and/or unauthorized use of the bicycle in accordance with serial no 3.

6. If the bicycle is stolen during the rental period, the customer must report the theft immediately to HDPBS and to the police. HDPBS must be provided with the police department’s case file number immediately. However such customer is accountable for such incident till the case is resolved.

10. Customer Obligations in Case of Accident

1. HDPBS must be informed of accidents immediately. In cases of accidents involving not only the user, but also third-party property or other persons, the customer is also obliged to report the incident to the police immediately. Failure to do so on the part of the customer shall result in the customer being liable for damages incurred by HDPBS owing to infringement of said obligation.

11. Confidentiality of User Information

1. The customer is responsible for preventing unauthorized use of the customer’s personal data by third parties. This applies, in particular, to their smart card.

2. HDPBS expressly states that HDPBS employees or employees of its appointed agencies are not authorized to and will never request or ask for the customer password.

3. The customer may change the personal data anytime and as often as he/she wants.

4. Should the customer have reason to believe that his/her user data has been compromised or misused, they are to inform HDPBS of this fact immediately.

5. The customer may deactivate their customer account either online at www.savari.bike or by means of written notification sent to HDPBS.

12. Bike Rental Usage, User Data, Blocking of Accounts

1. HDPBS is entitled, in cases of due reason and in particular in cases of misuse, to cancel customer rights and thereby exclude customers from using HDPBS services and bicycles.

2. The limitation of liability provided for in Serial 9 para. 2 shall not be valid should the customer allow the misuse of his/her customer data intentionally or due to gross negligence.

13. Fees, Prices and memberships

1. HDPBS calculation of all fees and services shall be charged on the basis of the prices valid at the beginning of each individual use of bicycle. Rental fees are to be taken from the current price list (available at www.savari.bike).

2. Special rates or gift certificates are valid for one bicycle per rental. These are also, in general, valid for and may only be used by the person to which they were specifically issued in accordance with the current price list.

3. Membership tariffs are valid for 12 months following order. The validity is automatically extended by one year, unless the customer cancels the tariff in writing at least 4 weeks prior to expiration.

4. Cancellation of special rate agreements does not result in the automatic deactivation of a customer account with HDPBS. If the customer wish to deactivate an account, this may be done either online at www.savari.bike or by providing written notification to HDPBS.

14. Payment and Delayed Payment

1. The customer is obligated to pay the billed amounts by means of cash or credit card or electronic transfer (direct debiting). The customer may change their preferred method of payment at any time.

2. The customer needs to maintain minimum balance in the smart card to use the bicycle service. HDPBS may enable credit facility to customers based on the user and payment history.

3. If the customer defaults in payment, default interest will be charged at a rate of 6 percentage points over the base interest rate. Reminder fees in accordance with additional administrative effort and expense incurred shall also be charged to the customer.

4. If the customer defaults in payment, HDPBS shall be entitled to demand immediate payment of all further claims against the customer and discontinue contractual services until the customer has satisfied all payments.

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